Welcome, and thank you for visiting my site!  I started this blog to share vegan, MSG/additive-free recipes, as well as related nutritional information.  This has been a passion of mine since discovering a few years ago that many of my health related issues were due to the consumption of MSG or, "Monosodium Glutamate", and other related food additives.  Since I really love food (especially desserts!), I began my quest to make the things I love from scratch, with the most natural ingredients possible.  Since making this change, my overall health has improved dramatically. It is my desire to share what I have learned with you, as well as healthier and more natural alternatives to the things you enjoy eating.

Upon further research into the additional health benefits of eliminating meat and dairy from my diet, I transitioned to a vegan diet.  However, it became a bit more problematic for me to avoid food additives.  Most, if not all, store-bought vegan food alternatives all contain additives in one form or another.  After countless hours of research I concluded that there was simply not enough information out there for someone like me who wants to eat a vegan and MSG/additive free diet. That's where these recipes come in.  But regardless of whether or not you're vegan, vegetarian or a meat eating diary lover, you can still enjoy the recipes I post and reap the healthful rewards of eliminating processed ingredients from your diet.  Eating additive free is my number one priority, I just also happen to be vegan. *Unless otherwise noted, I always use organic fruits/vegetables & ingredients in my recipes*

In addition to my passion for cooking & baking, I am very passionate about animal rescue and I also enjoy fitness.   I am a contributing write for This Dish is Veg, and you can find my articles regarding healthy living and animal welfare here.

For more about me and my journey to vegan and MSG/additive-free eating, click here.