Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pets Alive's First Annual Kitten Shower!

They say there is a first time for everything, and that's the truth!  Today I went to my first ever kitten shower!  Yup, just like a baby shower with gifts, treats and party favors, but for kittens.  This was just too cute, and such a fun time, to pass up sharing here.  Since animal rescue is just as much a passion of mine as cooking, you'll have to bare with such posts from time to time! ;)  (There will be a very yummy dessert recipe to follow, I promise!)

Pets Alive is a no-kill animal shelter in the Hudson Valley, NY area.  (They also have shelters in Westchester County and Puerto Rico). When it comes to animal rescue and advocacy, they really know their stuff. Not a day goes by that I don't hear about another animal that they've taken in. Not only do they take in strays, but they also rescue animals from around the country who are on death row at kill shelters, and animals that have been neglected by other so-called "rescue shelters". They do it sometimes without knowing where the funding to care for these animals is going to come from. They do it because they know it's the right thing to do. I'm proud to be a volunteer! Now, on to their first ever kitten shower! (click on photos to enlarge)

This adorable sign was set up at the shelter entrance. 

We arrived around 11am and met up with my sister and her nieces.  There were tents set up outside with various tables for raffles, baked goods, Pets Alive merchandise for purchase, and for the gifts. 

Raffle Table

Pets Alive Merchandise

Baked Treats!

Kitten Gifts :)

After walking around outdoors for a bit and chatting with their very friendly staff and volunteers, we decided to tour the cat house.  These cats have the life!  I've visited many shelters over the years and Pets Alive, by far, is the nicest and cleanest place that an animal lover could ever hope that homeless cats (and dogs) could live.   Some places have you leaving in tears, but while it's still heart-breaking to see animals without homes, you really leave Pets Alive with the peace of knowing that they're being treated right.   What I love the most is that the cats are free to roam, they're not locked up in cages. They're well provided for with cat condos, pillows, beds, treats, toys and love!

Here's the cat house.  Yup, they live here! 

Here's a look inside!

Kitties love their kitty condos!

A cat bed fit for a king or queen!

An afternoon nap

So content!

Take me home!

Me and my new best friend

All in all it was a very nice way for an animal lover to spend the day!  I'm really happy that they're going to make this an annual event.  We had a great time and look forward to next year!



Viola Martini said...

I love the cat house. Not a cage in sight! Lots of treats, brushing, fresh kitty litter every day! Fresh air & outdoor screened porch. It's a cat's dream (except for a furever home).

Christine said...

Thank you for mentioning more of the perks that these lovely cats get to enjoy! It certainly is a cats dream, aside from having a home. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

Maria said...

Hi Christine! I saw you enjoying yourself at the shower today. I may even have gotten a picture of you. I'm a volunteer over at Pets Alive. Thanks so much for such a lovely write-up! It really is a comfort to see how well the kitties (well all the animals really) live there. Makes it a pleasure to be there and help out where I can.

I saw your bio up top here. I'm a mom to 5 rescue kitties and 1 rescue dog as well. :) Only difference is I do believe my kitties keep my Lab-mix in line. LOL


mld said...

This is such an informative, well-written, blog detailing Pets Alive's Kitten Shower. I am not Vegan but follow a vegetarian diet, I will keep checking this blog for ideas. You did such a great job describing the "cat house", with all the photos to really give the feel of Pets Alive.

Christine said...

Hi Maria! I remember you with the camera! :) I'm glad you enjoyed my write-up, I'm happy to give Pets Alive more positive exposure, they really deserve it!

It's nice to meet someone with a large fur-family like mine. Our poor dogs, outnumbered by kitties! ha ha

Thank you for commenting! I hope to see you again some time at the shelter.

Christine said...

Thank you for the nice compliments about my blog post! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting too. I'm glad you will come back to get some recipe ideas!

Val said...

Aww I wish I could come and volunteer at the cat house with you! It looks awesome! I love that they're not in cages but free and have so many nice, cozy places to sleep on!
Thanks for sharing this with us! =) xox

Christine said...

You're welcome! :-) You would love it there!! I wish I got better pictures of the actual rooms the cats were living in. Some of them are bigger than my bedroom, LOL. I'm happy for them! =^..^=